Hall construction

So you want to build a hall? Let’s sit down with a cup of coffee and talk. We prepare the blueprints and the budget, and recommend you designers and engineers. We have seen thousands of plans at our office, you can believe us, we could tell you stories! If something is not worked out, if the designers are not up to the task, if the plans are not right, everything will be just more expensive at the end. Choose a contractor who is there to help you right at the beginning! We don’t ask anything for calculation, you can compare the accurate budget made by us with the competition, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.




Industrial fences

So you need an industrial fence system? We know the products of all three domestic market leader companies, we are working with them, but we know the others just as well. We can give you a fence with a 10 year guarantee, but we know others on the market which will get rusty in two weeks. If we see your lot and you tell us what you like to have, we help you to choose the best solution for the given task. We are independent. We will not try to force you to choose the product of a certain manufacturer.




Wrought iron

So you dream of a wrought iron fence or banister? If you have something in your mind, tell us and we design the fence for you. If you haven’t, we can come by your house and design it together on a computer to a scale, so that you can see what the end result will look like. If you have a friend or acquaintance who can make it on a lower price than our workshop that’s not a problem for us, we offer to help them to ensure quality result. We only ask that you purchase the material from us. You can choose from more than 42000 types of products.




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